Roof gardens are garden areas on the roofs of buildings and have become widely popular in city buildings as it provides a nice retreat and also enhances the great view from a rooftop. They provide both decorative and environmental benefits while attracting people to visit the building.

Landscaping a roof garden is an excellent way to boost a building’s popularity while providing an aesthetic area for people to enjoy relaxing and social activities. The value of a building immediately increases when it has a roof garden, and this is especially so if the building is tall and in a city like Singapore which provides a great view of a unique, urban cityscape.

Additionally, roof gardens can reduce a building’s overall heat absorption, hence keeping the building cooler and reducing energy consumption for air-conditioning. roof garden spaces may also be used to create space to grow sustainable for urban gardening and simple crop-growing. roof gardens can be structured to include other facilities such as pools, sitting areas, social areas and etc which suit residential and commercial areas that benefit from attracting people to such activities.

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