It has become common to see trees planted in various areas in Singapore as trees in urban settings are essential for providing shade and contribute to the greenery of its surroundings.

Trees (especially urban trees) require regular maintenance in the form of regular fertilization and pruning to look tidy. Overgrown branches should be pruned to prevent safety concerns. It is also important to maintain a layer of mulch around the tree base and removing dying or diseased branches in order to ensure that the trees stay healthy and do not become affected by external diseases or fungi.

Without proper care and maintenance, the trees in an area may become sickly and lose their capacity as an attractive element of an environment’s aesthetic. It may also become costly to remove damaged trees and replant new ones.

It is hence important to have an experienced and professional landscape company to provide maintenance and pruning services for the trees in your area.

Our Services

Regular maintenance and pruning is essential in ensuring trees stay healthy and trimmed. Our team of dedicated experts can ensure that the maintenance and pruning of your trees are kept consistent and safe. We have experience in both maintaining trees in residential and urban areas while being able to ensure that the proper resources are provided to soil maintenance.

Our experience in landscaping will also mean we can recommend the best solutions to cater to your area’s needs in services that may complement tree maintenance and pruning.

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